Can Insurance Help with the Cost of Orthodontics?
Can Insurance Help with the Cost of Orthodontics

Can Insurance Help with the Cost of Orthodontics?

It’s no secret that having a great smile is a huge confidence booster and, oftentimes, a life-changing moment for orthodontic patients. It’s also no secret that getting the smile you’ve always wanted, though priceless in many ways, can be expensive.

If you’re unhappy with your smile or think orthodontic treatment may be necessary in the near future for you or your family, look for dental insurance that includes orthodontics benefits.

Insurance can help with orthodontic costs, but it can get complicated, as every plan is different. We aim to break down orthodontic care costs and plans to help you make the best decision for your oral and financial health. 

Which Dental Services are Considered Orthodontics? 

Before evaluating your options for dental insurance, it is beneficial to understand which dental services fall into the category of orthodontics.

Orthodontists fix dental conditions like overbites, jaw structure misalignments and overcrowded teeth. Many times, orthodontic appliances are used to move teeth in place without the need for surgery. 

The following services are standard when it comes to orthodontic treatment: 

Does Every Dental Insurance Plan Cover Orthodontic Services?

Unfortunately, not all dental insurance plans include orthodontic coverage. While some dental insurance will cover the costs of teeth cleanings, cavity fillings and crowns, they won’t help pay for braces, retainers or clear aligners. 

Even if a plan does include orthodontic benefits, these benefits can come with age limits. For instance, an insurance plan may cover dependents 25 years and under but will not provide you or your spouse with the same coverage. 

How Do I Find Dental Insurance That Includes Orthodontic Services?

There are two ways to get dental coverage: through an employer or on your own through the Insurance Marketplace or individual insurance carriers/sellers. 

No matter which way you get your dental coverage, check and double check that it includes orthodontic coverage. When you find a dental insurance plan with orthodontic benefits, it typically can help with orthodontic care costs. By looking at the following, you will be able to determine the amount of costs you will be responsible for:

How Do I Know If My Dental Plan is Right for Orthodontic Benefits?

First and foremost, trusting yourself is paramount. Even if it is the perfect plan for you, it is easy to worry yourself right out of a dental plan that has the orthodontic benefits you need. 

Once you have decided on a plan, here are a few things to look over: 

Cost-Saving Tips to Keep in Mind 

What Insurance Questions Should You Ask an Orthodontist?

It is our privilege to work with patients, but oftentimes patients are shy when talking about orthodontic costs. This is your money and it is no time to hold back about the care you need and what you can afford. 

Any orthodontist worth your time will be happy to sit down with you and go over any and all details. Remember, we do this all the time and are much more familiar with the information. Though it may fall into the financial box more than the dental one, it is still our job to get on the same page with you.

Do not start any orthodontic treatment until these questions have been answered to your satisfaction. 

Want to Know More About Orthodontic Costs? 

Identifying the orthodontic treatments you need will make the hunt for dental insurance plans that much easier. Though many plans may provide braces coverage, be on the lookout for additional treatment costs that may not be clearly spelled out.

At Orthodontics of Long Beach, we know the anxiety that can accompany expensive orthodontic treatment. We work with our patients in Long Beach, helping them closely stick to their dental plan terms and leveraging discounts they may be qualified for. 

With our expertise and service, the only thing you will think about is the new smile waiting for you at the end of treatment. 

Still not sure where to start when it comes to paying for orthodontic care? After years of experience navigating the insurance industry in Long Beach, we have the answers! Learn more about the insurance plans we accept and the orthodontic care costs of our patients when you come in for a consultation. Contact us at (562) 512-6530 today to schedule an appointment!


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