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If you or your child just finished wearing braces, you might need a retainer. Or, perhaps you already have a retainer that needs replacement. Either way, Orthodontics of Long Beach can help.

What Is an Orthodontic Retainer?

A retainer is a dental appliance that “retains” the changes that were created through the use of braces or Invisalign clear aligners. Sometimes, we might also choose to use a retainer instead of braces for minor teeth straightening or other orthodontic needs such as a mild overbite or a snoring problem.

At Orthodontics of Long Beach, we offer two basic types of retainers: permanent and removable.

What Is a Removable Retainer?

The most well-known type of orthodontic retainer is the removable retainer. One of the most common kinds is the traditional Hawley retainer, which is crafted from plastic or acrylic and uses metal wire to attach to teeth. With care, these retainers can last up to 20 years. Newer retainers include clear plastic ones that are see-through and easily removed. However, these don’t last as long as Hawley retainers, from six months to one year on average.

Removable retainers are often seen as more comfortable and people like the ability to remove them, especially to clean them. The important thing is to take good care of your retainer if you do remove it. We have had patients in the past come in with warped retainers – sometimes they can sit too long in the hot sun in a parked car.

Of course, we are happy to refit and replace your lost, broken, or warped retainer. This is important to maintain your beautifully aligned teeth, so don’t put it off!

What Is a Permanent Retainer?

Permanent retainers can only be removed by the orthodontist, and they come in various types, such as lingual wire, fixed, or bonded. On the plus side, these retainers are very durable, and you don’t have to worry about removing them and losing them.

Removables Retainers Long Beach CA
Orthodontics Retainers Long Beach CA

What Is the Process for Getting a Retainer?

If you are getting a retainer with us, likely you have already been working with us on braces or Invisalign clear aligners. But we sometimes get new patients who lost retainers provided by their old orthodontist. Or, you may need a retainer for another issue. For example, you may think you need a full set of braces when a retainer will do the trick.

As with any new patient, we will conduct a thorough exam and take pictures of your mouth using state-of-the-art X-rays and digital imaging. If a retainer is necessary, we will discuss the various types with you and what we recommend for your (or your child’s) situation.

How Long Should a Retainer Be Worn?

Retainers are often meant to be worn indefinitely after braces. Consider them to be a part of your general dental hygiene, just like brushing and flossing. How long you need to wear them throughout the day depends on what they are being used for. Generally, right after braces treatment, you’ll wear your retainer almost all the time for about four to six months. Then, you would wear them mostly at night.

Each individual case varies, and we will provide specific instructions on how and when to wear your orthodontic retainer in Long Beach.

How Much Does an Orthodontic Retainer Cost?

Retainers generally cost around $100 on average but can be more or less, depending on your dental insurance and the type of retainer used. Contact us about financing and payment options.

If you or your child needs an orthodontic retainer in Southern California, contact us today at Orthodontics of Long Beach for more information and a consultation.


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