Ceramic Braces Long Beach CA

Porcelain Ceramic Braces

Porcelain Ceramic Braces in Long Beach, CA

If you need braces but don’t want the look of traditional metal braces, which are pretty obvious to see, then “nearly invisible” porcelain ceramic braces may just be the ticket. At Orthodontics of Long Beach, we offer state-of-the-art porcelain ceramic braces as a great alternative to metal braces.

What Are Porcelain Ceramic Braces?

Porcelain ceramic braces pretty much work like traditional metal braces, except the porcelain ceramic is either see-through or tooth colored. This makes porcelain ceramic braces almost “invisible” when you smile or speak. These clear braces are very popular with teens and adults who want straighter teeth without the look of metal.

What Are the Benefits of Porcelain Ceramic Braces?

Many older kids, especially teens, don’t like the obvious look of traditional metal braces. Adults often prefer the clear look of porcelain ceramic braces.

The other option is Invisalign clear aligners, which have some advantages, but might not work as well for some misalignments and have to be removed for eating and cleaning. Kids who tend to lose things easily might be better off with porcelain ceramic braces, which cannot be removed, except by an orthodontist.

Ceramic Braces Long Beach CA
Porcelain Ceramic Braces in Long Beach CA

What Is the Process for Getting Porcelain Ceramic Braces in Long Beach?

If you think you or your child need braces, schedule a consultation with us where we can take a look at the teeth and determine whether braces are needed. We will also take X-rays and digital images of the oral cavity to see what is going on “behind the scenes” with the teeth and jaw.

Once the doctor has assessed your case, we will go over the various options with you, including porcelain ceramic braces. Assuming we are good to go, we will schedule an appointment to have the porcelain ceramic braces installed.

Once they are put into place, porcelain ceramic braces will need to be adjusted every few weeks to help the teeth move into the correct position. You or your child will need to see us in our office for this quick and relatively painless procedure.

How Long Is Orthodontic Treatment With Porcelain Ceramic Braces?

Generally speaking, porcelain ceramic braces need to be worn for approximately two to three years. They take a little bit longer than traditional metal braces because the porcelain ceramic is more brittle than metal. This means that we must not tighten the wires quite as taut with porcelain ceramic braces, leading to a slightly longer time for treatment.

How Do I Take Care of Porcelain Ceramic Braces?

Porcelain ceramic braces are slightly more fragile than metal braces, so be careful not to chew a lot of super hard substances, like ice or popcorn kernels. Porcelain ceramic can also stain, so avoid drinking lots of coffee or eating dark berries. Otherwise, you should brush and floss as normal. Our dental hygienist will show you or your child exactly how to brush and floss with braces in the mouth.

Porcelain Ceramic Braces Treatment in Long Beach CA

What Do Porcelain Ceramic Braces Cost?

Porcelain ceramic braces are slightly more expensive than metal braces, and can cost a few thousand dollars. We often mitigate this cost by using metal braces on the lower teeth, which aren’t easily seen, and porcelain ceramic braces on the top teeth. At Orthodontics of Long Beach, we also offer affordable financing plans to create easy monthly payments.

Looking for a way to straighten teeth that is virtually invisible? Porcelain ceramic braces may be a great option for you or your child. Contact us today at Orthodontics of Long Beach to schedule a consultation.


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