Holiday Treats You Can Enjoy With Braces
Holiday Treats You Can Enjoy With Braces

Holiday Treats You Can Enjoy With Braces

The abundance of sweets is one of the best parts of the holiday season – but also one of the most challenging for brace-wearers. Sticky, chewy candies or hard treats spell disaster for wires and brackets. And no one wants an ortho emergency like a broken bracket right before holiday photos or travel!

Braces-Friendly Holiday Treat Ideas

Luckily, you don’t have to totally miss out on festive foods. At Orthodontics of Long Beach, we want to keep patients smiling all season long with these braces-safe holiday treat ideas:

Crunchy Veggies and Dip

Fresh vegetables are the perfect snacks during braces treatment. For seasonal flair, arrange an appetizing veggie platter with:

Pair with dressing flavors like zesty ranch, garlicky hummus or herbed yogurt dips. The crunchy greens and veggies provide a satisfying snack that helps you avoid orthodontic damage.

Fruit Kabobs

Construct a tasty fruit skewer by lining up your favorite bite-sized pieces onto a toothpick or skewer. We love combining pineapple, grapes, banana chunks, mandarin oranges and berries for a rainbow of nutrition. For extra yumminess, serve alongside sweet vanilla Greek yogurt for dipping.


Cool down all those holiday treats with a refreshing, vitamin-packed smoothie. Simply blend frozen fruits of your choice like mango, strawberries, cherries or pineapple with yogurt or milk for a creamy, sweet chilled drink. To make it more substantial as a meal, add nut butter, protein powder, chia/flax seeds, spinach or avocado.


Whip up homemade applesauce on the stove or Instant Pot for a nostalgic holiday comfort food. While plain applesauce is a classic, we recommend jazzing it up with fall flavors like cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg or pumpkin spice blend. Enjoy chilled or warmed.

Sugar-free Hot Cocoa

Don’t pass up piping hot mugs of cocoa during cocoa season! Opt for sugar-free cocoa mix made with stevia or erythritol to cut down on decadent sweetness. Top with “safe” add-ins like mini vegan marshmallows, crushed candy canes, cinnamon or peppermint sticks.

Protein Balls and Bars

Homemade no-bake energy bites and bars let you control the braces-friendly ingredient list. Pack in protein powder, creamy nut butter, dry oats, dark chocolate chips, chia seeds and dried fruit. Blend together, chill and slice for the perfect portable protein-packed snacks.

Puddings and Mousses

Both store-bought and homemade puddings make nice soft desserts that won’t stick and possibly detach orthodontic appliances. For special seasonal flavors, try avocado chocolate pudding, pumpkin pie pudding or cranberry banana mousse.

While braces may limit food options, there’s still plenty of festive treats to brighten your holiday celebrations. Just use care and common sense when biting and chewing. Let your orthodontist know right away if you have any issues with broken brackets, poking wires or other appliance damage from eating or drinking. Here’s to keeping your smile shining all season long!

What To Do For Orthodontic Emergencies Over The Holidays

While we hope you can avoid issues by choosing braces-friendly foods, accidents occasionally happen – especially when indulging during the holidays!

If you experience an orthodontic emergency like a poking wire, loose bracket or broken appliance over the holidays when the office may be closed, don’t panic. But do take action to prevent further damage.

Here’s what to do while you wait for your next available appointment:

Additionally, stick to very soft foods and avoid biting with that area until it can be repaired. You can swish gently with warm salt water to relieve discomfort.

And of course, call or emergency text us if you have any uncertainty about whether it can wait! We have an on-call orthodontist reachable 24/7 in serious situations. Your comfort and care is our top priority year round!

Orthodontic Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Want to stuff a loved one’s braces stocking with some smile-friendly goodies? Consider these great finds they can actually enjoy wearing bands and brackets:

Small presents like these make the holiday season brighter! Check with your Long Beach orthodontist for personalized ideas tailored exactly to the recipient’s appliance set-up.

Keep Smiling This Season!

Don’t let orthodontic restrictions dampen your holiday spirits – you can still indulge in plenty of delicious fare! Savor all the festive flavors using our mouthwatering recipes and ideas for braces-safe appetizers, snacks, sweets and drinks.

We hope these holiday treat suggestions help keep patients smiling comfortably and confidently all season long without orthodontic emergencies. Please reach out to Orthodontics of Long Beach with any questions or issues that arise over the holidays so we can get you back to enjoying all the merriment.


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