Why Should I Choose Invisalign® Clear Retainers
Why Should I Choose Invisalign® Clear Retainers

Why Should I Choose Invisalign® Clear Retainers

If you are interested in improving your smile or your child’s but want an alternative to traditional braces, Invisalign® Clear Retainers might be a good option for you. We are happy to offer them as an option to our patients here at Orthodontics of Long Beach. 

What Are Invisalign® Clear Aligners?

These are a type of braces made from clear, non-toxic plastic. They are created in the form of custom trays, one for your top teeth and one for your bottom teeth, that fit over your natural teeth and help gently guide them into the desired position. You switch to new trays every few weeks until your treatment is complete. 

What Are the Benefits of Invisalign® Clear Retainers?

Invisalign® Clear Retainers have several advantages over traditional metal and porcelain ceramic braces. Most importantly, they are removable. This means that you do not have to eat a limited diet during treatment for fear of damaging your braces. You remove them to eat and put them back in when you are done.

Secondly, there are no metal wires or brackets. This means that they are more comfortable and do not require regular visits to the Long Beach office for adjustment like their traditional counterparts. Finally, they are almost invisible, which means no one will know you have braces unless you tell them. 

What Are the Disadvantages of Invisalign® Clear Aligners?

The biggest advantage to Invisalign® is also their biggest disadvantage -they are removable. You must be careful to wear them for the correct amount of time each day, at least 20 hours and preferably more than 22. They can also be broken more easily than traditional braces, again because they are removable and hard to see.

Finally, they cannot fix all orthodontic problems, and traditional braces or a combination of Invisalign® Clear Retainers and more orthodontic treatment might need to be necessary for certain problems.

Is the Material Used to Create Invisalign® Clear Retainers Safe?

Yes, these clear aligners are made from a nontoxic type of plastic that is safe for use in the human body. It is safe for use in both adults and children. Your safety is our primary concern here at Orthodontics of Long Beach and we would not use or recommend any treatment that we did not consider safe.

Do Invisalign® Clear Retainers Hurt?

No. They are a painless option for straightening your teeth. There may be a small amount of discomfort while you adjust to the presence of your retainers, but they should not cause any pain.

How Do I Know if Invisalign® Clear Aligners Are a Good Option for Me?

When you come into our Long Beach office for a consultation, the doctor will do a thorough exam and make recommendations based on your personal situation. In some cases, traditional metal braces will be the best option and we will let you know if this is the case for you.

Are Invisalign® Clear Retainers a Good Option for Kids?

It depends on the age and maturity level of the child. Many younger children are prone to taking their aligners out too often or breaking them. Even some teenagers may not be good about compliance. If compliance is an issue, the treatment will not work. Traditional braces are a better option in these cases.

What Is the Process for Getting Invisalign® Clear Retainers?

The process for getting Invisalign® Clear Retainers is similar to that for traditional metal and porcelain ceramic braces. You will first have a consultation with the doctor to make sure that Invisalign® is the best option for you. This consultation will include an exam, X-rays, and digital photography.

After that, we will take detailed impressions of your teeth. These impressions will be 3-D and in digital format. They will be used to create a customized series of clear retainers that will be used to straighten your teeth.

You will receive your first set of trays quickly and wear them for about two or three weeks, depending on your treatment plan, before switching to the next set of trays in the series. You will come in periodically for an evaluation to see how the treatment plan is working.

How Do You Care for Invisalign® Clear Retainers?

You should clean and brush your retainers every day using lukewarm water and either Invisalign® Cleaning Crystals or another special cleaning tablet. You should also brush your teeth after each meal before reinserting your retainers. This will keep them clean and help you maintain proper oral hygiene. 

How Long Is the Treatment Time with Invisalign®?

Treatment with Invisalign® does not take any longer than it does with traditional braces. Most patients are in treatment for 12-18 months. Treatment time may be longer or shorter depending on your particular needs and how well you or your child comply with wearing your retainers. 

Will I Need to Wear a Retainer After I Finish Invisalign® Treatment?

Every individual case is different, but most people need to wear a retainer after orthodontic treatment regardless of the kind of treatment they undergo. Your doctor will be happy to explain what is needed in your personal case.

How Much Do Invisalign® Clear Aligners Cost?

Invisalign® clear aligners do not cost more than traditional metal and porcelain ceramic braces. Your insurance may or may not provide coverage for orthodontic treatment. If not, you will have to pay out of pocket. Our staff will contact your insurance and give you a detailed financial breakdown when you come in for your consultation. You will never have any surprises at Orthodontics of Long Beach!

Our office is also proud to provide a variety of payment arrangements and financing options to help you get the orthodontic care you need. Please ask our staff for more information if you are interested in pursuing these options. 

Are You Ready to Achieve Your Best Smile?

Orthodontics of Long Beach offers a full range of orthodontic options, including metal braces, porcelain ceramic braces, and Invisalign® Clear Retainers. We treat both adults and children in our Long Beach office. We also offer flexible and convenient appointment times.

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